A Calgary Grown Community Involved Ale

A Calgary Grown Community Involved Ale

CALGARY, AB – In our Village the community garden is the place to gather, grow and discuss matters of the neighbourhood. That’s why the Village Gardener project began with the idea of local growers and brewers coming together to make a collaborative beer, while learning a thing or two along the way.

This year we launch the sixth edition of the Village Gardener alongside 13 community gardens and dozens of Calgarian backyards to make a true community involved ale.

After seven years of growing and careful nurturing, our community grown hops are now mature enough to provide their maximum flavor and aroma. Which is why we decided to showcase the local hops with a fresh hopped Double IPA, with an ABV of 8.8% and 45 IBU. (Which in case you’re wondering is a unit used to measure hop bitterness).

In the name of growing neighbourhood spirit, Village Brewery has teamed up with the Calgary Horticulture Society to launch the Village Gardener at this year’s Garlic Fair. What better way to celebrate these gardeners then to raise a pint and share the beer we made together with fellow community growers.

What: Launching the sixth annual Village Gardener Double IPA

Where: Horticulture Society’s - Garlic Fair (620 Goddard Ave NE)

When: Saturday, Sept, 22nd 3 pm - 5 pm

Why: To enjoy the fruits of our labor

ATB Financial also continues to partner with Village Brewery on the Gardener ale to provide support for those community gardens involved in the Gardener project. “ATB is proud to support and partner in the Village Gardener Community Ale initiative, as it combines our passion for agriculture, community, and a desire to get ones hands dirty to provide fresh produce in an urban setting.” said Kerri Roe, senior marketing manager at ATB financial.

This limited-edition ale will be available in 650ml bottles, and we’ve found, tastes best when enjoyed in the garden.

Don’t be a bad seed, drink responsibly

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