Cheers to Ten Years of Janes Walk

Cheers to Ten Years of Janes Walk

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of Janes Walk, a series of led walks focused on communal education and neighbourhood exploration. Inspired by the late Jane Jacobs, an urbanist and community builder, these walks take place in over 200 countries across the world. Walks are planned and led by individuals seeking to educate and engage citizens in their surrounding communities.

Headed up by the Calgary foundation, this was Village’s second year leading a walk in the Manchester Industrial area. Our first venture saw us sharing stories about the surroundings of the brewery including the Calgary Food Bank, old Blackfoot Farmers Market, and Wildrose Motocross Track. We wanted to differentiate our walk in 2017 and show a different side of the area we operate in. What better way to do so then showcase the budding brewery community that is popping up around us.

We left our running shoes at home and donned our helmets, turning the walk into a bike ride between Banded Peak Brewing, Annex Ale Project and Village Brewery. We biked from brewery to brewery showcasing how each brewery got its start and why the industry is currently booming in Alberta. All while enjoying a few brews along the way. Being just a stone’s throw from amazing breweries like these, we knew it would be a great way to get people out and share what the SE brewing district has to offer craft beer seekers.

With the weather on our side, we boasted an amazing turnout! It was uplifting to see so many people intrigued by our growing industry and wanting to come experience it for themselves. Many patrons compared the brewery hop to similar experiences they have had in craft beer meccas such as Portland and Denver, a compliment that made this organizer smile from ear to ear.

Keep an eye out this summer for similar excursions taking place. Get out and experience what the budding craft brewing scene in YYC has to offer, you may even make some drinking buddies along the way.


Village Eric

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