Drink Local for Crafts Sake

Drink Local for Crafts Sake

Calling all craft aficionados and fellow beer nerds. Oct 20th to Oct 28th is Beer Week in Alberta!

This is not something we take lightly in the world of brewing. Kids have candy, adults have beer, brewers have Beer Week. Maybe we’re a little excited. When we boil it down Alberta beer week is a time to share pints with friends, try some new Alberta beers, or get to a brewery and check out where your favorites are brewed.

There are dozens of exciting beer events happening across Alberta for beer week, and we have a couple happening around the Village. 


Village & Grizzly Paw Tap Take Over - Oak Tree Tavern - Oct 19th - 22nd 

Home Brewing 101 - Village Taproom - Oct 21st  

Barley Belt Bike Tour - Barley Belt - Oct 21st 

Beer and Chocolate pairing w/ Old Coal - Village Taproom - Oct 26th 

Find the complete list of Alberta beer week events at http://albertabrewers.ca

There is lots of beer to try, and breweries to see this beer week, and we hope you take the opportunity to check out some of the incredible things craft breweries are doing around the province. We're very proud of Alberta beer, so drink local for crafts sake!


Happy Alberta Beer Week! 


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