Jeremy Klaszus - Village Radio

Jeremy Klaszus - Village Radio

Founder of The Sprawl Calgary 



Jeremy Klaszus (@sprawlcalgary) is a Calgary journalist who has written about the city for more than 15 years—for the Calgary Herald, Swerve, Metro, CBC, CTV, Monocle, you name it.

Jeremy grew up in small-town Alberta, attended fundamentalist Christian schools and eagerly subscribed to the right-wing Alberta Report as a teenager. (One of his first email addresses was — seriously!) Then he swung the other way: after moving to Calgary, he became a staff writer for the alt-weekly newspaper FFWD (R.I.P.), which once described itself on t-shirts as a purveyor of “leftist commie crap.” At FFWD, Jeremy got his reporting chops and got hooked on municipal politics.

Nowadays Jeremy is deeply suspicious of leaders who are full of certitude (political, religious or otherwise). And for reasons he can’t fully explain, he still can’t get enough of urban affairs and city politics.







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