Lauren Reid - Village Radio

Lauren Reid - Village Radio

 Alberta Small Brewers Association event and marketing manager. Beer and Agriculture champion.

"The more people that are excited about drinking local, eating local, about supporting local hops and barley farmers, the more people are turned on to the craft beer movement." - Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid (@laur_reid) got her introduction to the beer industry through her time at the Alberta Barley Commission. Working for the barley farmers of Alberta gave Lauren a unique glimpse into the beer industry and ignited a passion for beer she never imagined could be harnessed into a full-time job. 

Lauren now runs marketing and events for the Alberta Small Brewers Association - a member-driven non-profit that represents the small brewers of Alberta. With a full, year-round calendar of events, there’s never a dull moment. Growing events such as the annual marketing “week”, Alberta Beer Week, helps to capture the excitement consumers have towards such an approachable industry. Alberta Beer Week showcases breweries, pubs, restaurants and retailers all over the province for 9 short days. It also markets a special beer called Unity Brew. 

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