Market Collective Decorates the Village Square

Market Collective Decorates the Village Square

In every Village it is the artist that brings the color, the vibrancy and the joy. This is why at the change of each season, it is a local artist that designs the Village Square variety pack.

This year’s winter variety pack features the Blonde, Blacksmith, Neighbour and a new member of the Village - the Northern English Bobby.

For our 9th variety pack we asked not one artist, but a collection of 24 artists selected by Market Collective from their rich community of local makers, to create their rendition of a Village square.

Market Collective began in 2008 as a platform for community-building through the arts. Over the past 9 years, MC has supported hundreds of local artists by providing a space to show and sell their work.

Not only will the artists design the case for the winter variety pack but this year each artist will design the neck labels on each bottle inside the case. So when you find yourself in the Village Square this winter, remember to look around, because each bottle is a piece of art.

This winter edition of the Village Square will be available until next spring.

Don’t be the Village idiot. Drink responsibly



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