Meet The Team

Meet The Team



Jeremy McLaughlin 

Jeremy is our fun loving, always in a good mood, never upset and definitely never sarcastic Brewing Operations Manager. He deals with the boys and girls in the back, usually repping some Canucks gear, and oversees everything that comes out of our production facility.

He loves writing music and was in a now-defunct band called Lifejacket with some other folks from the brewing industry. I guess brewing great brews takes a lot of time and leaves little room for band practice – however, Jer still writes and plays on his own time, in addition to PC gaming, and cooking.

He has two cats (Mancat and Barb Lahey) and a pug (Lucy) with his Fiancé Sarah. Sarah also works for a local brewery which goes to show – those who drink beer together stay together.


How did you get your start in the industry? 

I Finished my B.Sc at the University of New Brunswick and was working for Environment Canada. After a couple of years, they had funding cutbacks and I could not get a contract extension. I applied at Picaroons with homebrew experience only and got a job. I was on the brewhouse alone on my first shift, yikes. After 3.5 years at Picaroons, I relocated to Calgary for a change of scenery.


What does your day to day at Village look like?

I deal with supply chain management for most things in production. Ordering supplies and maintaining inventory are super important in my role.

I also manage the production staff, keeping the schedule clear and adequate based on sales projections. And I also oversee all QA procedures.


 What is the best part of your job?

I think it’s a combination of being actively involved in the process of making decisions for future brands and going to a pub and seeing customers enjoy that beer.

For someone who likes to find the absolute best way to accomplish a task and then optimize it, brewery management is a very interesting job. Always a ton of challenges to tackle.


 What do you like to do outside of work?

I like biking, golfing, recently got into woodworking…

I like “project” cooking…something like firing up the smoker and cooking something for 6+ hours with a couple beer.

PC gaming is a fun past time: right now I’m really into Rimworld and Space Engineers.


Favourite memory since joining the team?

When the Flames and Canucks were in the first round playoffs against each other, we had quite the atmosphere around the brewery. We had the Herald come by and take a picture of the team as they wagered my service for a week vs the services of the head brewer at Howe Sound depending on the outcome of the playoff series. That was a fun time to be around.

I also really value the Woodsman as a time at Village. It was my recipe and my dad was on the packaging. Although he missed the launch of the beer, he thought it was the coolest thing ever and that was really rewarding.


Favourite Village beer?

Woodsman (retired), Neighbour, Merchant, Banded Tripel. 


Favourite non-Village Beer?

Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Lupulus, that beer inspired the Banded Peak Tripel so much.


 Current song on repeat?

Having gone through high school as a huge emo kid, my musical roots are what they are. I can’t even give you a single favourite song but really anything by Brand New or Thrice are up my alley. One album in particular by Brand New is “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me”.


Who are you cheering for?

“Coconuts Glow” (Go Canucks Go).

Also, though the Blue Jays were criminally bad this year, I cheer for them.


Hidden Talent?

I can and did build my own gaming PC for home.


By Rebecca Skinner

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