Six Village Beers to Pair With Christmas Dinner

Six Village Beers to Pair With Christmas Dinner

It’s the best time of year to indulge in the finer things in life. A time for carb loading, food comas, and maybe having a little too much to drink. Lucky for you we’ve got some ideal pairing for your holiday season to achieve maximum jolliness, in both spirit and in waistline.




Skip the dinner rolls this year and substitute the caramel and biscuit notes of our mild brown ale. Paired perfectly with a juicy turkey cooked either at your in-laws or in your own home.




Only something adhering to the Bavarian purity law can be matched up with the tradition of a holiday ham. Look no further than the Village blonde for a clean, crisp, and refreshing balance to the salty undertones of pork with a pound of mustard on the side.




For both the bold and the patient. Nothing tastes better than something cooked for over 8 hours in a plume of smoky goodness. Similar to that of the roasting process of black malt providing roast, chocolate, and espresso notes in the Blacksmith. Hand forged in all its beauty.




You may not have liked them when you were a kid but they’ve always been a staple at the holiday dinner table. Love em or hate em, pair up the citrus aroma and taste of the Neighbour for maximum heartiness.




Rich like a well-spiced gravy, our Chai Winter Porter will caress your taste buds and have you going back for seconds. Pile those mashed potatoes high and pour a tall glass of Monk to go with it. A seasonal favourite. 




The proverbial cherry on top. You may be full to the brim but there’s always space for a little pie and some barrel aged alchemy. Share it around and wind down to the sweet and savoury compliments of caramel and toffee. Notes of molasses are also present and like a viscous fluid you slink down and prepare for the great hibernation.



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