Village Square - Variety Pack

Village Square - Variety Pack


Calgary’s business of the year releases a cask cast of characters for Calgary’s imbibing pleasure

November 5, 2013

CALGARY, AB – Just days before the municipal electionwe announced the results of a poll we took. The Give A $#!t Index wasn’t like every other poll out there. We wanted to know if Calgarians care enough to get involved. We wanted to learn more about Calgary’s character and characters.The people who populate our Village, our squares.

You see, we know that for hundreds of years peoplehave been meeting up at pubs to talk about everything from religion to politicsor even religious politics. Those pubs would often line the village square –hence the name of our pack.

Village Brewery’s variety pack, the Village Square, is a meeting of characters in a virtual pub. Sure that pub looks a lot like a cardboard box, but free your imagination, those characters are meeting in a pub, mingling and clinking.

You could do the same tomorrow. Join the VillageBlond, Blacksmith and Wit as they welcome back their friend the Village Monkwho went on a pilgrimage and hasn’t been around since last winter.

 Where:        Village Brewery – 5000 12A St SE

When:         November 6, 2013 from 2 to 4 p.m.

Why:            Because you like mixing good cheer with good characters

 Real life versions of these Village characters havebeen photographed by well-known Calgary photographer Neil Zeller whose work adorns the Village Square case. And he won’t be the last rising Calgary artist to adorn Village Brewery’s virtual pubs. “You can’t imagine how proud I am to be the first artist to showcase his work on the first Village Square variety pack”says Neil Zeller.

 These photographed people look happy on the cover of the case. They weren’t paid. So why are they so happy? We learned something excellent through the GAS Index survey. We learned that people who go out and enjoy their city, love their city. When they love their city they get engaged in their city. When they go out, love their city and get engaged in making it better they are happier. At Village Brewery we call that the Virtuous Circle of Doing Things and Being Happy. Does Village Brewery attract happy people or have the brewmasters stumbled upon some magical happiness combination? We don’t know, and we remain happy in our ignorance.

The Village Square variety pack will be available instores until next spring, when we ask another Calgary artist to visualize their representation of a place where people gather around community.


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