Village Brewery creates moments of connection with new beer line-up

Village Brewery creates moments of connection with new beer line-up

A decade of community building leads local brewery to make it personal with innovative launch

Village Brewery is creating a buzz with craft beer lovers by launching a line of novel craft beers as part of their 10th anniversary celebration. The new and innovative line-up features beer styles for explorative craft drinkers wrapped in cans that provoke conversation and connection.

“Village exists to bring people together. We live to create moments where people gather over beer and form genuine connection so we are using our new labels to help do it in a fun and unique way” says Brand Manager Jackson Stuart. “Each beer name is chosen for its ability to prompt a conversation.”

The first releases are Binge Watch, a New Zealand pale ale, and Misheard Lyric, a New England IPA, followed shortly by Next Trip, a Caribbean stout; Tongue Twister, a Lingonberry Belgian Sour; and Zodiac Sign, a Japanese Rice Lager. Stuart continues, “Whether you are asking what is your latest binge watch or sharing a misheard lyric, we think conversation is beer for the soul!”

“The beers in this line are designed for craft drinkers who are ready to get deeper into novel flavours and niche styles,” says Operations Manager Jeremy McLaughlin. “We’re excited to get really creative, push the boundaries of recipes and ingredients, and see how our fans react to them.”

Misheard Lyric and Binge Watch are now available in Village’s online store and will be on liquor store shelves in Alberta in coming weeks.

About Village Brewery: Village is a Calgary-based craft brewery established in 2011. Since its inception Village has been proudly dedicated to community, connection and innovation. Ten years later, Village continues to build community by celebrating real personalities on its labels and sparking conversation over beer. Find out more at

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