Village Hitman Launch

Village Hitman Launch

The New Beer Frontier: Exploring the intersectionality of art, ale and pain

Or.. Bret Hart's awesome and so is this new beer- get it on its own or in the Village Square variety pack 

CALGARY, AB – Need a distraction from the relentless talk about weather? The answer is yes. Come down to Village Brewery TODAY to try Bret Hart’s Village Hitman. Our friend Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is as nuanced as his famous sharpshooter submission hold. And by that we mean super nuanced. He’s an artist, athlete, performer, cancer survivor, grandfather.    

What:          Introducing the Village Hitman   When:  This afternoon, April 4, 2 to 4 p.m. Speeches at 3 p.m.

Where:         Village Brewery                         Why:    Because you need summery things to think about

Meet the Village Hitman: The Hitman takes you by surprise. He’s a no fuss, delicious Citrus Hibiscus Session Ale. Unlike his contenders, he's not bitter. Instead, this champion has a subtle bite; a citrus tang of orange and lemon tag teamed with hibiscus and fragrant hops.

"I've had the great pleasure of working with Jim Button and Village Brewery on two occasions through the Village NUTRaiser for the Prostate Cancer Centre,” says Bret. “I'm excited for the release of Village Hitman and I hope everyone will grab a cold one the first chance they get."

How does it taste? You should really just come down and try for yourself, but here’s what the brewers say:

The Village Hitman is a Citrus Hibiscus Session Ale. This beer’s hops were supplemented with liberal whirlpool additions of Vic Secret and Chinook hops as well as whirlpool additions of orange peel, lemon peel and hibiscus flower. This gives a pleasant citrus and pine character to the beer, without the hop bitterness.

Writer’s note: I don’t know what “whirlpool additions” are, but they sound delicious.

Tell me more, what’s this about the art? Thanks for asking. We’re always proud to showcase local artists on our Village Square variety packs. On this case, check out Bret’s interpretation of the Village Square as a place where people gather around community.

“I hope you enjoy my artwork and that it not only brings a colourful joy to your day but for some of you it reminds you of all the wrestling greats of the past”, continues Bret.

What’s in the summer variety pack? In the square this season, you’ll meet the Golden Blonde, the Squeeze from Helles, your Canadian Neighbour and the Rugged Hitman. Ask them, and they may reply that a great Village Square is not shaped by geometry, but by geniality. It is a place of gathering, of greeting and good fellowship. Or they may suggest that you stop talking to your beer.

And, as always, don’t go down for the count. Drink Responsibly.


Jackson Stuart /Friends with Jim & Bret     

PHONE # 403.234.3327                     



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