Village NutRaiser 2020

Village NutRaiser 2020

Why we keep making beer with Bulls Balls.

This will be our eighth year hosting the Village Nutraiser, a fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Centre. And we see no end to this madness in our future. For as long as there is Cancer we will keep tea bagging our ales to help this great organization do its work.

In 2012 Tom and Jim (Co-Founders) came up with the idea to team up with Bottlescrew Bills and their Stampede Testicle Festival and add to their menu of items made with Prairie Oysters.

At the beginning (2012) this was just another way to Participate in the Stampede, raise funds and awareness for a local organization and do something a little fun and a lot ballsy.

But in 2013 it got personal, This was the year Jim availed himself of the services of the Prostate Cancer Centre and had his kidney removed as it had a baseball-sized tumour attached to it. That year the beers had a certain bitter but sweet taste to them as the tumour was removed and we believed the cancer was gone.

In 2015 the cancer had metastasized in his lungs and was spreading throughout his body. He Was diagnosed with stage IV Terminal Cancer and was given a year to live. We are proud to say he is way past his best before date and is still with us today.

And the launching of this nutty beer continues to be one of his favourite of the year.

So join Jim and the Village team as we celebrate the magical fingers and ballsy recipe of Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, also a survivor of Prostate Cancer and a big supporter of the Prostate Cancer Centre, as he unveils the Covid-19  Version of the beer in July.

If you are keen to grab life by the balls and do good at the same time you can purchase your Limited Edition Growler with a $100 donation here. 

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