Village Friend

Village Friend


Ours is a social Village. There are many fine craft breweries within a day's march. We visit with them often to trade stories and pints. We talk about the Ales we've met and the ones we hope to meet. Sometimes, a beer sounds so beautiful that we decide to brew it together. And we call it what we call each other – Friend.


This year’s Village Friend was crafted in partnership with Blindman Brewing. Our team of Villagers wanted to collaborate with our neighbours in Lacombe who are seasoned brewers producing award-winning craft beers. We saw an opportunity to brew up a delicious India Red Ale and use it as a vehicle to introduce our respective groups of craft consumers to what is happening at Olds College in their brewing program.  Cameron Grindrod-Millar from Village Brewery and Todd Rutledge from Blindman Brewery and their teams put on their stylish thinking caps to come up with a delicious recipe for this India Red Ale.



Village Friend Tasting Notes

The 2021 Village Friend’s India Red Ale is a strong beer (6.6% ABV) and is hop dominated with a wide array of specialty malts to provide the red glow and a hint of toffee.  The malts used, while diverse, are not the talking point of this tasty IRA but they are the grinders working behind the scenes to yield mild roasted flavours. The hops and yeast of this brew, however, win the popularity award for the Village Friend in terms of their flavour impact.  The Simcoe and Chinook Hops provide a solid backbone of bitterness, almost reminiscent of a West Coast IPA.  The flavour components of the hops are in a danky and resinous realm with a predominantly pine centric accent. We ferment the Jordal Kveik Yeast at elevated temperatures producing light fruity esters.  Overall, this friendly IRA is a strong beer with some citrus on the nose and bold flavours with pine and resinous accents balancing higher on the hop/bitter side.

ABV: 6.6% 
HOPS: Columbus, Simcoe, Chinook
MALT: Red Shed Connect, Best Red X, Weyermann CaraRed, Red Shed Roasted Barley



Village Brewery has a long-standing tradition of donating 10% of our profits back into the community.  The 2021 Village Friend carries on with that tradition and will be supporting the development of our craft brewing scene here in the province.  Proceeds from the sale of this year's Village Friend will be earmarked for a bursary program for first year students attending the Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Program at Olds College.  Two student bursaries in the amount of $1,500 each will be awarded based on financial need and with greater weighting towards achieving the diversity and inclusivity goals of the craft brewing program at Olds College. 

The bursary will be available to first-year students entering the Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management Diploma program at Olds College and will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need and active class participant. Preference may be given to students who reside in Alberta and who are members of the following underrepresented groups: women, Indigenous Peoples, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

Applications will be online at in July 1, 2021

Learn more about the brewing program at Olds College here.

If you're interested in contributing to the great work being done at Olds College, please visit their fund development site here

About Olds College

Olds College established the Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management Diploma program in 2013. In addition to the technical elements of brewing, students are also taught the marketing and entrepreneurial skills that are critical for success in the world of brewing.

Follow Olds College on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @OldsCollege

Follow the Olds College Brewery on Instagram and Facebook @OldsCollegeBrewery, and on Twitter at @OCBrewmaster."


About Blindman Brewing

Blindman Brewing is celebrating their 5th Anniversary of operations in Lacombe, Alberta where they produce award-winning craft beers for distribution across the province.

Follow these awesome brewers on Instagram @BlindmanBrewery, Facebook at @Blindman Brewery and on Twitter at @BlindmanBrewery.


About Village Brewery

Village Brewery is celebrating our 10th Anniversary gathering community over beer.  Our Calgary-based brewery produces a wide range of craft beers, ciders, Hooch malt-seltzers as well as delicious non-alcoholic Local Craft Beer.

Follow us on Instagram @VillageBrewery, Facebook at @VillageBrewery and Twitter at @VillageBrewery. 


Thank you for purchasing this delicious India Red Ale - The Village Friend. 

It takes a Village.  Friends don’t let friends drink irresponsibly.








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